Over the years we've made various minor alterations to Bluebird, most of which are shared here. We hope you find one or two good ideas you can use or adapt for your own boat.

Solar Vent

Whenever the boat had been closed up for more than a couple of weeks the soft furnishings always felt a little damp despite having a number of moisture traps on board (which always filled up). To help the air circulation when the boat was left unattended we replaced the vent over the stove with a solar vent.

We removed the original mushroom vent. Fortunately the opening was the same size as the new vent but the fixing holes did not align. We filled the old fixing holes using gel-coat filler and re-drilled three fixing holes.

The Vent came with a rubber seal, like a giant washer. We made sure to apply a generous amount of sealant on both sides of the seal before securing the vent firmly in place using 4mm stainless steel bolts through 30mm repair washers, so as to spread the load and not risk cracking the gel-coat in way of the fixings.

The effect was noticeable immediately and the boat always feels aired and dry when we arrive.

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