Over the years we've made various minor alterations to Bluebird, most of which are shared here. We hope you find one or two good ideas you can use or adapt for your own boat.

LED Lighting

The boat was originally lit using seven fittings containing one or two fluorescent tubes each.

  • Main Cabin - 3 X Double Tubes
  • Forward Cabin – 2 X Single Tubes
  • Heads – 1 X single Tube
  • Cockpit – 1 X Single Tube

One of the original fluorescent light fittings in the main cabin

One of the forward cabin tubes under the foredeck had already failed, so when the unit over the dinette in the main cabin began to flicker and fail we decided to replace all the lighting with energy efficient LED’s

We researched the market and found competitively priced Sigma tubes from Leisurepower in Warrington, which come in three sizes; 20, 14 and 10 LED.

We ordered seven in total:

  • Main Cabin - 3 X 20
  • Forward Cabin – 1 X 14, 1 X 10
  • Heads – 1 X 10
  • Cockpit – 1 X 30

When they first arrived I was sceptical. They seemed so small compared to the units they were replacing. Fitting was simple. We simple snipped the wires to release the old fittings and joined up the wires of the new LED’s and clipped them in place using the plastic clips provided.

As soon as power was applied I was impressed with the light these tiny units put out being far brighter than the florescent blubs they replaced.

They produce a pleasant warm light and only draw 127 Milliamps which means we can (and do) leave the cockpit light on when we go to the pub to light the way back in the dark without fear of running down the batteries.

For more information, see the Leisurepower website.

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