Over the years we've made various minor alterations to Bluebird, most of which are shared here. We hope you find one or two good ideas you can use or adapt for your own boat.

Dual Solar Charger

The original solar panel set up did an excellent job of recharging the leisure batteries both during and in-between cruises. However once fully charged a lot of free energy was going to waste by not having the panel also charging up the starter battery. This was emphasised on day when after a series of short trips the starter battery let us down. Fortunately we also carry a jump starter so we were quickly on our way.

To make the most of our existing solar panel we swapped out the standard regulator for a dual battery type which allows us not only to charge both sets of batteries but also the prioritise which battery gets charged first.

In addition we purchased a plug battery monitoring gauge which we mounted next to the instrument panel. It displays the state of each battery, level of charge and output from the panel as well as loads of other stuff we don’t understand.

Since fitting this we’ve never had an issue with starting and the batteries are kept topped up even when we don’t move, especially now we have the “ Fridge Mate” installed too.

More information is available on the  Sunshine Solar website.

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