Over the years we've made various minor alterations to Bluebird, most of which are shared here. We hope you find one or two good ideas you can use or adapt for your own boat.

12v Sockets in Cockpit

We all have electronic devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops and while there are sufficient sockets in the cabin to plug them in a charge them up, we quite often need to continue using them while on charge. When moored we spend most of out time sat in the cockpit enjoying the fresh air and don’t want to sit in the cabin tied to 12v charger.

The simple solution was to fit two additional 12v sockets in the cockpit. One at either end of the bench seat. The important thing to remember is to protect them from the elements. We fitted ours using surface mounts with waterproof caps. All the cabling was fixed under the gunnels leading back to the main fuse panel where they have there own dedicated fuse in order to comply with BSS regulations.

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